Pervasive Illusion

Prerequisite: Nimbral Wizard

Most illusions tamper with the surface perceptions of the mind, but yours affect a deeper reality. Through diligent study in the halls of the Nimbral wizards and the subsequent perspicacity gained, you have gained the ability to shape the judgement of creatures normally beyond mortal ken. Undead and other creatures normally immune to illusions are affected normally when targeted by you. They still receive saving throws if applicable.

In addition, the mage’s greater understanding adds a deeper level of palpability to his illusions. He may add the ghost of one more sense to his illusions, including touch. The sense of touch is still illusory, however and the spell may not damage affected targets unless it is normally capable of doing so. Illusory objects that are interacted with do not automatically reveal themselves to be illusions if the sense of touch was added to them and the target will rationalize illogical results, as per phantasmal force.

The wizard gains a +1 to his intelligence score

Pervasive Illusion

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