D&D Next: Lords of Waterdeep?

Quest Journal

The first entry


I tracked the Thayan opportunists to the sprawling tunnels known as Undermountain, beneath the eastern city of Waterdeep. A variegated group of some of the city’s fine and eccentric have followed me into the spelunking adventure. I suspect the Thayans intend to sell their stolen artifact in the fabled secret city-within-a-city, Skullport. Or at least I did, Skullport may just be a rumor propagated by a madman’s fancies.

I have determined that Undermountain is a mythal, but there is no resemblance to the glory of ancient Netheril, only cacophonous brutality and unpredictable madness. Something may have found one of the lost Nether Scrolls and used it to build this absurd maze even as the knowledge punished its sanity. It may be that something within Undermountain gave purpose to the Thayan thieves, a purpose of which they may be unaware. Perhaps their true destination is somewhere here in Undermountain, or to wander its halls forever with their stolen artifact



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