D&D Next: Lords of Waterdeep?

Quest Journal

Session 2 Update

This is an Out-of-character document.

Main Storyline:
Recover the lost artifacts
-Head off the gnomish thief and his thayan(?) associates
-Find a choke point into Skullport

Secondary Quests:
Return the Sword of Vanity to the temple of Sune
Lay to rest the undead former owner of the Sword of Vanity
Secure the cursed sword of the demon knight
Slay the Neo-Otyugh and secure the filthy treasure
Investigate the dustless hallway
Protect our foreign dignitaries from the thayans hunting them
Turn the first inn into the most profitable best known in Waterdeep to spite Rafiq
Memorize the names of all the past lords of Waterdeep
Explore the sunken Amnish treasure ship through the portal in UM



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