Zoon 'The Great'

Forest gnome in a silver cloak glittering with strange jewels. A holster of wands on his hip.


“The Great” is a tiny, emaciated forest gnome standing under two feet in height. Zoon frequently wears a silver cloak encrusted with emeralds and a bandoleer of wands at his belt. After betraying his people he has taken to wearing a red cap, like all gnomish outcasts. When attacking with illusions he tends to use a sunken skull with eyes of blazing green flame.



Zoon is the eldest son of the great chief of the Forest Gnome enclave of Oakentown in the High Forest. In 1378 DR, Zoon grew tired of waiting to inherit the position of chief and he conspired with a band of Thayan treasure hunters to plunder the arcane horde of the Great Oak Tree. Among the plundered artifacts was the Orb of Kaylus, an artifact dating from the fall of Netheril. He was last seen entering the city of Waterdeep with his Thayan band in an attempt to sell his wares in Skullport.

Zoon 'The Great'

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