The most infamous anti-hero of the Forgotten Realms


Even before the unsolved mystery of his disappearance 10 years ago, Nighthawk was a man to whom mystery clung like late-evening fog to the depths of ancient cities. When one was in his presence, there was a sense that the myriad threads of his shrouded past lurked around a darkened corner, waiting for the right moment to catch up with him.

Selfish adventurers have the reputation of being unskilled, of living off the prowess of others and reaping fortune from the corpses of those they betrayed. Nighthawk could defeat fully armored knights in single combat, protected by nothing more than a black cloak. He had a better command of the weave than journeyman Cormyrian war wizards. His sword was a mighty artifact, filled with a sense of its own destiny, but Nighthawk willed it into quiescence every day.

Before his name was fearfully spoken of in whispers, Nighthawk was a rogue and a thief. He still carried a predilection for stealth and misdirection in his later years, a mindset that would serve him well; Nighthawk’s caution saw him through myriad dangers that slew many experienced but overconfident warriors and wizards. It was speculated that he had contacts within Zhentil Keep, but was not formally allied with them. This was true, but Nighthawk kept the evidence well hidden.

Despite his well known amorality, Nighthawk was one of King Darius’ closest advisers during the early part of the latter’s reign. Darius’ good nature made him inclined to trust anyone who had fought with him side by side. The two had common cause in their hatred and sworn enmity of Orcus, the Grandfather of Assassins, and the Witch-King.

Miyamatori Kagetora followed Nighthawk as Darius’ closest adviser, in turn the samurai was succeeded by the bard Razor.



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