Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun

Tall bearded man with a regal bearing never without his blackstaff.


Khelben is a 6-foot-tall, well-muscled, bearded man with a receding hairline, black hair with silver streaks, including a prominent one through his beard, and a distinguished, imposing manner. He usually dresses in nondescript robes and is never without his trademark blackstaff.

It is hinted in some novels (in The City of Splendors: a Waterdeep novel by Ed Greenwood and Elaine Cunningham, and in the Return of the Archwizards trilogy by Troy Denning) that this appearance is in fact a disguise. In reality, he is a thin, tall elf-blooded being, looking feral and showing no sign of age.


One of the powerful spellcasters who also counts himself amongst Mystra’s Chosen, Khelben is a serious, imposing wizard, and a grim proponent of law and order whose methods of achieving the ultimate good are often highly questionable in the eyes of the righteous. One such deal — with Fzoul Chembryl, cleric of Bane and leader of the sinister Zhentarim — led to the once highly regarded member of the semi-secret Harper organization being simultaneously expelled and leaving the organization. Khelben did not leave alone, however; he now leads the Harper splinter group the Moonstars, whom he finds suit his needs much better.

Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun

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