Hrothgar son of Kiersteed

Cook apprentice to Khelben Bkackstaff, Member of the Elk Tribe of Barbarians


Hrothgar is a handsome fellow frequently thought to be slow by his peers. While he is capable of impressive eloquence he frequently speaks in broken common suited to the big dumb barbarian look he was born with. At 6’4" and a solid 275 lbs he’s built for fighting, and he has been known on rare occasion to display fits of rage for which his people are famous, but those who have spent extended time with him know most of his brawn is natural, not trained, and that he’s more likely to be engaged in an academic pursuit than anything purely physical.

Hrothgar has made a strange set of friends and acquaintances in his brief time in Waterdeep. <views>, <views>

Hrothgar son of Kiersteed

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